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There are many books and articles for group leaders and facilitators. There appear to be none specifically for group members, in my mind the most crucial part of the group. And, while there are several on developmental stages, most are incomplete, and more importantly fail to address themselves to positive member behaviors.

This is a blog to teach members of any group how to make it better … more productive, more satisfying, more collaborative, more fun.

It actually helps if you understand the purpose of each developmental phase in a group, identify and make the contributions that will help the group move through each stage effectively, even if it means going back and picking up a piece that was missed but is still causing problems in a group.  Only then can you achieve the critical result necessary to the group’s success, and avoid those moments of total OMG. ”Did we really meet for 20 weeks and just now get clear that half the group is convinced we are responsible for a completely different task than the other half ??!!” So rather than disconnected behaviors, these behaviors will be suggested in context.

How will we do this?

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Overview of Plays Well with Others

Increase Your Effectiveness in Any Group

“Computer skills are expected on a resume; they are no longer a bonus; they are now considered necessary basic skills. However the skill of the future, the most sought after skill now, is the ability to work in a team, to work collaboratively, to play well others.”  (Kate Austin, Director of Simulation and Digital Entertainment Program at UB, 2006)

We sit through such boring or frustrating or ‘resultless’ work meetings every day.

We think that nothing can be done, and even if it could, we look to others to do the ‘something’ that will change it. Yet, there are actions that effective group members can take to influence groups we are in to become more directed, more fun, more effective. How do we identify and learn them?
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