About My Business

Kind of Business: Consultant/Coach: Assist you to design & implement Collaborative networks within your organization


  • Design & Implementation of Internal Service Agreements (two e-books for Get to the Point Books: Creating Internal Service Agreements).
  • Design & implementation of proactive & collaborative team member behaviors
    (blog: Plays Well with Others).
  • Social Network Analysis: detailed PPT presentation on request.

Skills: Sensitive diagnostic skills that accurately identify the strengths and challenges of each client. Capacity to customize processes to build on strengths and address challenges; to integrate initiative with other client initiatives & strategies. Capacity to co-design w client a clear practical path – process & tasks — to successful implementation; a path that engages staff hearts & minds.

In Business Since: 1989

About My Clients

Ideal Clients: Clients who are feeling frustrated with the silo activity, the individual “star” competition, and the lack of collaboration within their departments or organizations. Clients who want to understand it and address it successfully.

Clients’ Needs/Challenges: Clients are aware of the lack of collaboration, have linked it to the conflicts & obstacles that emerge, and have already tried several initiatives that have not been (fully) successful.

Main Outcome or Result: Organization functions as an organic network — what is needed by any section of the organization arrives where, when, and how, it is needed. Clients fully understand the former obstacles to organization-wide collaboration and are able to sustain a successful implementation.

Business Benefits: Every section of an organization becomes directly accountable to their service partners (internal suppliers & customers). As each section becomes more visible, more collaborative problem solving takes place across the organization. Cost & time savings (can give specific examples to whomever is interested); more efficient transfer of internal supplies to internal customers which in turn increases quality & efficiency in serving external customers.

What I’m Looking For Right Now

I am starting my 3rd book: Service Partnering in 24/7 organizations. While I have cases of my own, I would love to interview anyone who has had experience developing collaborative & partnering processes in organizations, successful or not.

About Sharon Mulgrew

Sharon Mulgrew of Integration Strategies, has both internal and external experience in organization and group research and design. Within the last twenty five years, she has developed innovative concepts and programs that increase system-wide collaboration and effectiveness. As both an internal and external consultant and trainer, Sharon has helped varied industries implement three effective and practical interventions: Internal Service Agreements (dev 1986); Work Group Development training (dev 1991), and Labor/Management Partnering (dev 1987).

Much of her work has focused on different aspects of coordination and collaboration. After receiving a Masters in Health Services Administration from Yale University, Sharon taught in universities in the Bay Area. She consulted to groups throughout the Psychiatry Department at UCSF as an asst professor in psychology in the 90s. She developed the USF College of Professional Studies Entrepreneurial Health Systems Management program (1985) at which time she received their Teacher of the Year award. She also designed and taught the group currriculum for their HROD Program (1982-89, 1996-2000). She then served as core faculty in the Organization Psychology Program at JFK University (2001-2009). At JFKU, Sharon coordinated the Organization Psychology Masters Projects and taught Work Group Development and Organization Assessment.

Sharon ’s varied experience and training helps her diagnose accurately, create recommendations, and design interventions that are participant friendly and aligned with an organization’s strategic direction and work processes. She and her teams have created detailed training workbooks with trainer and leader guides, as well as self-directed workbooks, on various management and leadership topics (e.g., Internal Service Agreements, Strategic Partnering, Managing Change During Transitions, Business Strategies for Managers, Work Group Development) for Fortune 100 to 500 companies, and several smaller Internet Companies.

She has presented several national talks and workshops on Internal Service Agreements, and Work Group Effectiveness, and has published articles on Internal Service Agreements and work group facilitation. She is a current member of the Bay Area Organization Development Network where she served as a Steering Committee member in the mid ’90s. She has recently published her first book, an e-book for Get to the Point Books, Creating Internal Service Agreements: Book 1 Steps 1-3 Preparation. Her Book 2, Steps 4-8 Implementation, is due out in September.

Clients state that they appreciate the abundant practical knowledge that she shares with them, her excellent diagnostic and facilitation skills, her enthusiasm, flexibility, compassion, and her sense of humor.


Nermin Soyalp, MA, Organizational Psychology (2009) is currently an organizational consultant with a background in corporate HR. She focuses on effective employee engagement and social network analysis practices.

Experienced in a Strategic HR role, she has identified work-flow issues and improved processes in sales, information systems and finance. In addition, she has developed fair compensation pay systems, bonus and incentive programs, recruiting processes, and work plan templates for individuals and groups. She has coached many individuals to discover their passion in the workplace.

She specializes in employee engagement and social network analysis. Through her Masters’ research, she developed an expanded model of employee engagement that identifies and integrates the organizational role with the usual work attributes. She has been able to help organizations become more efficient and productive places where employees find it easy to become and stay engaged.

Julie Anderson has spent most of her career as a software engineer and development manager on mainframes, mid-range computers, PCs, and the Web. She is a database expert who currently develops surveys and websites. Julie also spent 15 years as an editor, writer, and columnist in computer magazines, including several years as Technology Director ofInformationWeek magazine. For the last 12 years, Julie taught Computer Science, first at Capitol College in Laurel Maryland, then at Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland. Julie is the co-author of Java Illuminated, An Active Learning Approach, Third Edition, a college-level textbook published by Jones and Bartlett Learning (2012

Kate Austin is an award winning educator, author, and learning game developer. She is a nationally recognized curriculum developer in computer game design programs. In her career, she has contributed to learning programs from pre-school to graduate school to adult lifelong learning. Using a game based foundation to learning, Kate has used games to enliven STEM learning across the preK-12 landscape. Notable titles she participated in developing are Troll Trap, My Own Biome, Bridge Baron, and Roswell Labs. Current projects include liaison between the University of Baltimore’s Division of Science, Information Arts & Technologies and the Maryland State Department of Education Affiliate Provider program. Kate provides professional development programs for faculty teaching in the Interactive Media Production graduation completer pathway for Maryland High Schools. She works with Immersive-3D as the education lead and learning designer. Kate holds a bachelors degree in mathematics from Towson University, a masters degree in computer science from Johns Hopkins University, and a doctorate in communications design from University of Baltimore.

Carla Kincaid-Yoshikawa, MA, Human Resources and Organization Development (1994). Carla’s work has included a dual emphasis on systemic/structural aspects of organization development combined with interpersonal communication and interaction. This has led to a focus on use and development of Internet-based technologies to enable cost effective, transformational and strategic meetings and training sessions that expand collaboration and alignment of organization members toward strategic goals. Through Training in the 21st Century™, a company she helped found, she is creating innovative, engaging, interpersonal processes for self-paced e-learning, Webinars and 3D immersive environments that “bring people together” in ways never before possible.

Diane Richwine is an L&D Program Manager and instructional designer with over 20 years’ experience managing multiple assessment and training projects for Bay Area corporations and non-profits. She is currently developing workshops for Wells Fargo Bank and leading a team of professionals to develop a course on conducting an effective needs analysis. She co-trains a two-day workshop in Instructional Design. Diane earned an M.S. degree in Education from Indiana University. She has been certified in Training Design and Development (UCB) and Education Technology at SFSU.