Effective Group Behaviors

Effective Group Behaviors

Plays Well with Others

Learn how to be an effective member in any group

Member CenteredWhy develop Proactive Group Members

Groups that do the necessary work at each phase become more:

– Competent and skillful
– Interdependent & collaborative
– Creative & innovative
– Productive and accurate

Members become effective in work groups

Members take their increased effectiveness to other groups in the organization


Group Phases Logos

We assist groups to develop in each phase.
Sample – Forming

Forming Phase

  • A Clear Purpose, e.g., Forming: group members orient to the work task the desired result, and to the other members.
  • A Critical Result, e.g., Forming: Members decide to join. To join means to make a commitment to work on the stated task with the other members in the group in order to achieve results for themselves and for the organization.
  • Relevant Learning Activities, e.g., Identify the many different reasons members decide to join a group.
  • A Focus on Effective Member BehaviorsSample proactive Member Behaviors in Forming
    • Ask questions to clarify the task
    • Clarify the purpose and outcomes to be achieved
    • Clarify how the organization will make use of the group’s contribution
    • Show an interest in introductions that include how each member will contribute to the work
    • Develop initial work agreements and accountabilities
    • Help plan the initial strategy for how the group will approach its work.
  • A capacity to Analyze current group effectiveness (sample)

Survey Questions


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