Content Expertise

Content Expertise

Leadership Self awareness, core values, personal and organization/network vision and mission, motivation, strategic planning & communication, creating learning organizations & sustainable change initiatives, transition management, mentoring, methodologies of inclusion, multi-cultural competencies, systems thinking, creative thinking.

Management Planning, coordinating, team building, process analysis & improvement, coaching, time management, performance management, rewards & recognition systems.

Communication Effective presentation and speaking skills, active & intentional listening, message alignment, interpersonal rapport, influence & communication styles, dialogue, negotiation strategies, conflict resolution.

Coaching Assessment and planning, personal development plans, effective attitudes and behaviors, professional feedback.

Process Improvement Process analysis and mapping, continuous improvement tools, results identification, tangible & intangible measurement.

Creative Thinking Non linear thinking & decision making techniques, problem analysis & reframing, idea generation and enhancement, development of new models, whole brain balance, creative collaboration processes.

Working Teams Trust building, purpose & goal identification, collaborative exploration & decision making, work group development stages, facilitation skills, performance assessment, influence techniques, diversity & inclusion competencies, meeting planning & management, group process methods design

Strategic Partnerships, Alliances, Networks Developing & maintaining relationships, resource assessment, meta-vision development & integration, clarifying collective intentions, creative collaboration, contextual adaptation, making and keeping agreements, managing and sharing knowledge.