Strategic Training

Strategic Training

Our Approach to Strategic Training Design

Designed and delivered trainings that increased management’s capacity to respond to change initiatives in several fortune 100 and 500 companies. Training processes enhanced collaboration in matrix settings, increased management’s skills to manage during transitions, increased work groups’ capacity to deliver effective results, and improved capability to identify and effectively manage strategic information.

Align with Vision and Business Objectives

Strategic Learning is a key facet of any operations model (activated vision, intelligent strategy, enabling resources) that moves an organization into its future. Therefore, a Strategic Training session models the desired, current and future, corporate core competencies and strategies. We ensure that participants understand the contribution that each specific training opportunity makes to the business strategy.

Clarify Work Contributions

Strategic Training motivates participants by clarifying how their work contributes to the organization. We support their ideas and their experiences as a rich source of intellectual capital needed by the organization. This affirms competence, confidence, and responsiveness.

Build and Strengthen Relationships

Strategic learning experiences enable participants to feel more comfortable with each other, refine team approaches and to learn about and to build intercultural competencies. Opportunities to trust and use the capabilities of self and others take place in each session.

Provide for Immediate Applicability

Strategic Training provides opportunities for individuals to make collaborative progress on current work by using newly acquired technical skills and interpersonal concepts and skills.

Access the Broadest Range of Participants

Participants have many different learning styles, e.g. some are visual learners, some auditory, some hands-on; therefore, strategic training makes use of multiple methodologies responsive to all learning styles.

Strengthen Capacity to Analyze and to Think and Act Creatively

Strategic Training provides opportunities to identify the unique contributions of each participant through processes that support the sharing of ideas, perspectives, accomplishments, and successes. This approach accesses hidden and under-used talents

Enrich Training Competence

Your liaison team learns design skills as we move through our training design process; your designated internal trainers learn enhanced training delivery skills; and your managers learn skills to engage participants in the training work and to deliver ‘trainings-to go’. Self Directed workbooks/trainings can be made available to distance learners.

Activate Imagination and Commitment

Our training uses powerful themes, metaphors, images and graphics that capture the essence of the desired change and of the participants.

For example:

For an organization that needed its managers to continually grow to new levels of responsibility, we used the spiral-shaped nautilus, a sea creature that builds new houses for itself as it grows.For a gas and electric company training on work group development, the group figures had light bulb heads for ‘new ideas’ and gas flame hearts for ‘commitment’.We named a Fortune 100 training on managing during transitions, “Trekking the Inbetweens.” Participants simulated innovative trek events in the middle of a mountain range and processed the work applications.For a national pharmaceuticals company trying to increase the collaborative effort of its managers to strategically reposition itself, we used pictures and training terms of an Olympic level cycling team.