Trainer Training

Trainer Training

Training Needs Assessment Skills training on how to design and conduct strategic training needs assessment, from development through analysis and subsequent action planning.

Curriculum Development A systematic six phase (26 step) interactive system to produce participant-centered training courses. Covers needs assessment through evaluation. Process involves subject matter experts, clients and participants.

Trainer Techniques Develops skills of interactive presentation (participant-centered), facilitation and coordination of learning activities. Includes engaging and motivating participants, setting the learning climate, maintaining commitment and closing the training sessions.

Training Methods and Activities Surveys core array of interactive methods, including their appropriate applications; provides skills practice in converting generic methods to specific strategic training activities. Includes skills training in the design, development and delivery of social, topical and creative thinking warm-ups.

Training-to-Go Builds trainers’ capacities to custom design short, packaged training scripted to enable anyone to be a learning guide. Typically includes leader’s guide, participant notebook and graphics.

Large Group Interactions Explores large group (100 to 1000+) dynamics, focus and coordination, face-to-face interaction methods and participant debriefing methods.

Managing the Training Function Clarifies strategic alignment and positioning for training departments. Includes resource development, modeling, assessment and feedback cycles, and creating emergent and evolving learning systems, environments and practices.