Project Director and Training Designer/Trainer

Sharon Mulgrew, M.P.H.

Sharon Mulgrew is an experienced organization development consultant with a demonstrated track record as a value added strategic training designer. She creatively designs assessment processes and organizational interventions that align with vision and business objectives, build and strengthen relationships and performance results within work groups and departments, and ensure immediate applicability through action learning. Designed and implemented innovative programs that increased system-wide coordination and effectiveness: work group performance; internal service agreements; performance management processes.

Sharon conducted a global needs assessment to identify the level of collaboration between a world-wide facilities management company (Jones Lang LaSalle) and their client, a world-wide electronics manufacturing company (Solectron, now part of Flextronics). Based on that assessment, designed and facilitated a Consolidated Global Meeting that identified a best practice strategic partnering relationship (staffing, resources, agreements) that moved their partnership from world-wide to global.


Technology And Evaluation

Nermin Soyalp, MAOP

Nermin Soyalp holds a MA in Organizational Psychology from JFK University and is currently a PhD student at CIIS in Transformative Studies. BA in Statistics, data analysis, Nermin has five years of research/experience in employee engagement and performance management. In addition, Nermin has developed a process that integrates organizational strategy with individuals’ work plans in order to improve work process and procedures, and maintain the desired organizational culture.


Training Designer/Trainers

Mary Ann Gallagher, Ph.D.

Mary Ann Gallagher has a PhD in Educational Technology from Catholic University with a focus on creating transformative learning environments. She has over 30 years experience designing, managing and leading training programs, workshops, conferences and meetings. She directed an Employment and Training Institute for the US Department of Labor’s Western Region. She has been the Education Director and Chief Learning Officer for West Coast Green. She designed and led training for a demonstration performance management system in a 5,000-person Federal Research Center. She is currently delivering train-the-trainers workshops for the World Bank and is a founding partner of Green Energy Agents. Mary Ann serves on the boards of Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility and West County Reads.

Myan Baker

Myan Baker specializes in conceptualizing and implementing sustainable systems strategies, models and processes. Her work has taken her into over 400 organizations, networks and alliances. Myan is noted for her capacity to focus on the future and to infuse relevant new ideas and creative methods into the implementation of change initiatives. She has designed and implemented cluster-based sustainable development strategies in North Dakota, Tabasco, Mexico and developed a strategy for sustainable rural development for regions in Mexico.

Myan is deeply committed to sustainability and discovers pathways toward truly sustainable, wealth-creating enterprises that enhance natural and cultural ecosystem health.  Over many years worked with hundreds of local, regional, national and international organizations, networks and alliances.  Recently developed designs for the Center for Innovation and Research in Graduate Education, University of Washington, Seattle (projects in Malaysia, South Africa and Washington, DC), the Economic Transformations Group, NY (Cleveland and Suriname) and an innovative start-up offering breakthrough training to enhance team responsiveness to change.

Barbara Pennington, Ph.D.
Educational Psychologist

Barbara Pennington creates ground-breaking, systems-based, participant-centered learning models for use in training and education locally and internationally.  She has done seminal work in the development of a systematic approach to curriculum design that focuses on construction of conceptual architecture, transformational strategies, and artistry to spark imagination.

Barbara works with organizations to scale-up capability in a multi-tiered approach that integrates various training strategies: intensives, one-on-one sessions, mentoring, coaching, suitcase lessons, self-instructional programs, some of which involve the use of trans-media.

She has designed and presented Training of Trainers to thousands of educators in numerous countries in how to offer participant-centered lessons that are in accord with neuroscience, encourage the involvement of multiple intelligences, and empower participants to make significant changes in their lives and environments.

She has worked with the US Agency for International Development, World Bank, government agencies such as the Labor Department, corporations such as McKesson, Universities such as UCB, and numerous non-profits.

Andrea Graff, MBA

Andrea Graff has 20 years of global leadership experience in organizational learning and development, organization effectiveness with operational excellence, leadership development, talent management and transformational change (including international mergers/acquisitions) for world renown companies based in the San Francisco area:  Genentech, McKesson, Levi Strauss, Visa, Fujitsu & Barclays.

Her pioneering work on uncertainty and change was featured last year at the HRPS Global Conference. Andrea has authored publications for various government agencies focused on women and economic development. She has served as university guest faculty, board member for equal rights and social justice non-profit groups and founded a community-based employment service, Skilled Jobs For Women. Her MBA – Business Administration & International Business and BA – Journalism & Mass Communications are from the University of Wisconsin.

Mutima Imani, MPA

Mutima Imani has a Masters Degree in Public Administration with a emphasis in Organization Development. For over twenty years, she has delivered management and diversity workshops for Continuing Education for Public Officials (CEPO). Mutima’s experience provides socially relevant, culturally consistent training, facilitation and consultation. Mutima provides workshops and seminars to educate and motivate employees, and to increase creativity and productivity while working in diverse work environments.

Aaron Bartlett

Aaron Bartlett has over twenty years experience producing and managing workshops and training programs. She has worked with national and international organizations, such as, Landmark Education, Corporation, an $80 million global training and coaching business, providing services to companies as varied as, Apple, Reebok, Johnson & Johnson and Northrop Grumman.
She has worked with government funded training programs, providing educational and internship opportunities for young people, developing management and leadership skills and creating multi-cultural, collaborative programs to create transformative experiences.