Participant Centered Training Techniques

June 21st & 22nd , 2011
Kala Art Institute |
Berkeley, CA

Consistently form a transformative learning relationship with your participants –

one that guarantees results for both of you!

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Participant Centered Training Techniques is a two-day training workshop designed to give training practitioners a set of essential conducting skills. These conducting skills enhance your ability to effectively evoke the intelligence of your participants and deliver specific concepts and skill sets.

The essential roles of Presenter, Facilitator and Coordinator are distinguished and practiced as are a set of General Skills such as setting the learning climate, establishing and maintaining participant motivation, designing topical and social warmups, and creating transitions to ensure the content consistently connects the participants with the learning objectives and with each other.

This workshop un-bundles a complex set of behaviors used by master trainers who achieve outstanding results with their participants. You will be able to identify and sort many of the skills you may have already acquired and integrate them into a practical framework. With this framework as your foundation, you will apply the appropriate competencies to create a consistent flow between you and your participants.

This pivotal core training approach has proven effective in both the private and public sectors. It has provided the foundation for a wide range of organizational trainings at Genentech, Frito-Lay, Kaiser Permanente, McKesson, The Labor Department, US Navy, the Forest Service, Supercuts, graduate and interdisciplinary PhD programs at UC Berkeley and the University of Washington, West Coast Green, urban Private Industry Councils, international public & private sector organizations, and many others. This training is currently being used by InfoDev of the World Bank.

Who should come:

  • Experienced Trainers who would like to refresh and integrate their myriad skills.
  • Presenters who want to enhance their ability to connect with their audience.
  • Employees who organize, design and manage meetings and special events.
  • Experts who want to transform knowledge into effective workshops

This is an established effective training. A two- day investment of your time will pay off throughout your career.

Consistently engage and delight your participants!

We look forward to working with you!

Participation is limited – reserve your space now!

$349 per participant

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Training Designers/Trainers

Innovator Myan Baker designs systems-based, participant-centered learning strategies, training programs, and special events. Informed by nature, her designs help people capitalize on strengths, discover renewed relationships and animate untapped potential for creativity, effectiveness, inclusion and sustainability.She has worked with more than 400 local, regional, national and international organizations, networks and alliances. Recently she has designed for the Center for Innovation and Research in Graduate Education, UW, Seattle (projects in Malaysia & South Africa), Economic Transformations Group, NY (Cleveland, Suriname, Washington, DC.), the World Bank, and an innovative start-up offering breakthrough training to enhance team responsiveness to change.

Mary Ann Gallagher has a PhD in Educational Technology from Catholic University with a focus on creating transformative learning environments. She has over 30 years experience designing, managing and leading training programs, workshops, conferences and meetings. She directed an Employment and Training Institute for the US Department of Labor’s Western Region. She has been the Education Director and Chief Learning Officer for West Coast Green. She designed and led training for a demonstration performance management system in a 5,000-person Federal Research Center. She is currently delivering train-the-trainers workshops for the World Bank and is a founding partner of Green Energy Agents. Mary Ann serves on the boards of Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility and West County Reads.