Expiration Date


Recently I have a compulsive urge

to know the expiration date of foods

of make up and



I stand in markets spinning products like a Rubik cube,

I am anxious when I find one missing

(Like nut butters lacking  ‘refrigerate when opening’, do we have the skills to guess?)


I even search at home.

Things in active use for years,

expirations unnoted, unthought-of,

(now) reveal their end

The powdered C two years beyond its healing,

and this astringent four months, dead.

And now my conscious mind unearths where it was going,

this sudden interest,

this course toward death


The expiration date

The last time a person lets a breath out

without a time date stamp

without a warning.

2009  rev 2011


All of us, Lemmings


We have several friends over 70.

(This of course begins to happen.)

Heart stents and all, they remain viable.


Yet, the forest is thinning.

We are reminded we live near the precipice

We can no longer back away.

All of us ……… eventual lemmings.

1/11 rev 10 15


A Sample of the 10%


A schizophrenic is, and is not, a schizophrenic

A Depressed person is not

A Manic person IS

A Hysteric! Is Not! A Hysteric!

A Narcissist IS … and IS … and IS … — and you are not

An OB sessive, ob SES sive, obsess IVE, is not ever quite

A Borderline is the ONLY! one in the Room who is NOT a Borderline!

A Gay Person is no longer on this list.